8 Things You Need To Know About Wedding Invitations

Imagine each of your guests opening the mailbox and finding a beautifully addressed envelope that you personally helped design and your inspiration went into every detail.

Call me biased, but I think wedding invitations might be the most important wedding detail in the books! A wedding invitation sets the tone for the entire day ~ it signals the formality and style of the event, reflects the personalities of the couple, and has the potential to make the invited guests very excited to be included in the celebration. They also serve a very important purpose of informing your guests and are the very first thing that people will see when it comes to your wedding.

With that said, a few things that would be helpful for you to know and remember when it comes to wedding invitations…

1. Custom is the way to go…
Custom invitations are the way to go! And they’re NOT as expensive as you think! Think of it this way- would you rather have your wedding invitation be something mass produced that a million other brides have used for their own weddings? Or would you rather have something designed to match your wedding with all of your preferences, information, and requirements? LUXXE at Brides & Beyond can help you design your perfect invitation for your special day!

Invite sample1

2. Get a clear picture in your mind of your dream wedding and of your personal taste and style.
Close your eyes and envision your wedding day. What do you see? Is it a black-tie affair, a less formal garden or beach wedding, or something in between? Is the event during the day or in the evening? Is it in your hometown or a destination wedding? Write down at least five adjectives that best describe how you want your wedding day to look and feel. For example: traditional, romantic, lavish, minimalist, sophisticated, elegant, fun, casual, party, etc. In your fashion, decor, and lifestyle do your tastes tend more toward traditional or more contemporary? More subtle and understated or more bold and colorful? Classic elegance with an updated twist? It’s OK to be a mix of styles, just try to hone in on the types of things you are usually drawn to and your own personal style.

3. Informing your guests is the key!
Your wedding invitations are meant to inform your guests, so you of course want to make sure you’re doing just that! Include you and your partner’s names, the host names (if applicable), the location, and recommended attire. You can include the address if you wish, but if you’re having a directions card, then it’s not necessary.

On that note, it’s always a good idea to include an information card (sometimes called a directions and/or accommodations card) in your invitation. This will do the job of providing your guests with even more information than the actual could provide. And definitely include your wedding website too!

4. Design Takes Time.
With that said, you need time to have your invitations designed. It will be a process that you will go through, you will have to make edits, changes, tweaks, etc. An ideal time to start the design process 6 months before your wedding.

5. Have a rough idea of your budget.
However, be open to being educated about what different invitation styles and printing methods cost. Too often, bridal magazines show you all about luxurious suites of high-end wedding invitations with all the bells and whistles. This just creates unreasonable expectations from the beginning. Yes, they are beautiful but be realistic on your budget. At LUXXE, we will inform you about the varying costs of different printing methods, stocks, and add-ons and will work with you to create a wedding invitation suite that is within your budget.

6. When To Send Out Invitations.
Your wedding invitations should be sent out 8 to 10 weeks prior to your wedding day. If your wedding is taking place around a holiday or during a busy time of year, definitely send 10 weeks before. If you have sent out a Save The Date, you will be “safe” to send in the normal 8 week window.

7. Don’t forgot…the dreaded postage!
Don’t forget about postage and all the other paper elements too! Now days, the majority of the time an invitation is NOT going to just take a normal stamp, so you’re going to need to take it to the post office and have it weighed before you buy your stamps. And you’ll need stamps for your RSVPs too, don’t forget those!

8. Your other paper products…
As for the other paper elements, people always think about them, but they’re often forgotten in the excitement of the invitation design. At LUXXE, we will inform you the best options. These items are also very important in information your guests, but just on your wedding day- menus, escort cards, programs, table numbers, etc. Even though they’re not needed until the day of your wedding, I definitely recommend having LUXXE design these items along with your invitations so they’re ready to go once you have all of the details and also sync to your theme, color scheme or paper type you are going for.


All of these variables and decisions may seem overwhelming at first. Just take a deep breath and take them one at a time! LUXXE can help you alleviate any issues you may have and work with you through the whole process. Happy Planning!


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