Looking for that first impression wow? Envelope wraps!


LUXXE at Brides & Beyond always stresses your invitations are the first impression your guests get. But, what if you wow them instantly? With an amazing envelope wrap! We have been doing these for some time and recently they’ve taken the wedding paperie industry by storm. They are classy, fun, super hot and people love them! Not only that, they can be fully customized and the address is already on them when you’re invitations are ready to be mailed.

You can use envelope wraps to complete your theme and decorate your envelopes! Personalized envelope labels are an excellent way to decorate your party invitation envelopes! Take a simplistic white or natural envelope and match your theme. And if you were set on those fancy expensive colored envelopes and just didn’t want to spend the money on those, this may be a fix.

Check out some inspiration ideas below!

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Here’s How to Rock Your Rustic Wedding (Invitations and all the good stuff)

Let’s face it, rustic nuptials have been a popular trend in the world of weddings for a while now, and EVERYONE is jumping on the bandwagon! But, that doesn’t mean you can’t put a fresh twist on yours! All you have to do is figure out where your dream wedding would take place — on a farm, in the woods or at a secluded campsite? (And yes, there IS a difference and you can make a campsite look classy with the right budget.) Once you’ve got that all sorted out, LUXXE can design the invitations and other big day details for your amazing day. Here are some rustic wedding themes to consider if you want to add a unique country charm to your “I dos.” And to get some fresh ideas, head to Pinterest. You’d be amazed by what you can find and what LUXXE can personally design for you.

The Romantic Woodland Wedding:

Your style: You and your love are always the first to try the next big thing in music, design, and clothes, and you make it all look effortless. You want your wedding to be simple and relaxed but personalized and meaningful.

The invitations: Elegant watercolors, hand-drawn details, and a touch of glamour that shows that even though you’re laid-back, you’re still super stylish.

The flowers: White hydrangeas, blush-colored garden roses, and dusty miller.

Must-have detail: Hemp string, Natural colored and kraft paper. This is a major trend in invitations that also works for decor (placemats, table runners, escort cards, etc.) and favor packaging.

Screen Shot 2015-02-26 at 4.20.28 PM

The Farm-Fresh Wedding:

Your style: You and your fiance are always the life of the party; you love hosting barbecues and tailgates, and want your wedding to accommodate everyone from your extended families.

Your invitations: Simple and elegant or bright and cheery with fun down-on-the-farm details (class it up with burlap lace or keep it casual with a decorative mason jar).

Your flowers: Babies breath, goldenrod, wild parsnips, bull thistles, and leafy greens.

Must-have wedding detail: Wedding favors that incorporate a homegrown treat, like local honey or a jam made with your state’s best fruit.

Screen Shot 2015-02-26 at 4.20.02 PM

The Happy Campers Wedding:

Your style: You and your sweetheart spend weekends road tripping to the nearest national park, hitting antique stores for knickknacks for your apartment, and you love anything with a nostalgic Americana vibe.

Your invitations: From digitally printed backgrounds to real wood, lovely lumbers are the biggest trend in rustic wedding invitations right now. Burlap goes a long way for this camper too. Add a touch of accent color to any natural colored paper and you’ll be in heaven.

Your flowers: Muted colored flowers or burgundy dahlias combined with lace and eucalyptus.

Must-have details: Kraft paper and S’mores, of course!

Screen Shot 2015-02-26 at 4.21.38 PM   Screen Shot 2015-02-26 at 4.19.39 PM

The Dos and Don’ts of Wedding Invitations

LUXXE cover

Wedding etiquette is a tricky subject.
Even today with anything goes attitudes, there are still expectations, rules and guidelines that should be followed. These are simple and can make any brides life much easier when it comes to wedding invitations. And remember, LUXXE can always help you out if you have any questions! Happy planning!


  • Do allow plenty of time. Plan enough time in your schedule to carefully address and mail your invitations.
  • Do use the names of all guests when possible. It is much warmer and more welcoming to use the correct names of those who will accompany your guests on invitations instead of “and guest.” Now, it’s completely understandable when you have those guests that may or may not bring a date for the wedding season (I’m now envisioning the great movie, The Wedding Crashers).
  • Do use correct titles. It’s flattering when invitations are addressed correctly. This means using appropriate titles and spelling names correctly. When in doubt, ask before addressing. “Mr”, “Ms” & “Mrs” always puts a formal spin on addressing invites or when doing place cards.
  • Do proofread everything! I cannot stress this enough! While working with LUXXE, even though we work hard on every detail, I would routinely encourage my brides to look over the spelling and placement of text. While LUXXE could catch mistakes like street name misspellings, I have to rely on brides to tell if names are correct. Don’t be the couple that has to reprint, or even worse, seeing the dreaded follow up or cover up to fix an easy mistake.
  • Do order extra invitations. It is VERY expensive and time consuming to order more invitations after the fact.  If your event is a wedding, formal occasion or a business event, you will want to order at least 15-25 extra invitations. Even for casual parties, order extra. You might need to resend an invitation, you forgot someone that should have been on your guest list or your parents forgot that the card club HAS to be invited.
  • Do send your invitations six to eight weeks before the wedding ceremony and reception. Any earlier will cause your wedding invites to arrive too close to your save-the-dates. Any later, some may struggle with finding time off work, arranging a child care provider, etc.


  • Don’t forget to include any appropriate inserts, such as hotel information, accommodations for out-of-town guests or any visitor information needed. As for maps & directions… it’s 2015, most people use their phones for GPS. Save yourself some cash on these!
  • Don’t include registry or gift information with your invitation. It is in poor taste to insert a list of places where the bride and groom are registered or a checklist of the things they want and don’t want.
  • Don’t use a standby guest list. When possible, invite your entire guest list at the same time rather than waiting to see how many people accept before sending out a second round of invitations. When the guest list is carefully planned, and when you consider the likelihood that 10-20 percent of invited guests typically send regrets, this approach is much more straightforward than using a standby list.
  • Don’t attempt to squeeze reception information onto the bottom of the wedding invite. Yes, you’ll save money on an extra enclosure card, but the overall effect will be confusing to your guests. The ceremony and reception are two separate events, and thus, their information should be on completely separate pieces of paper or in it’s own area if there is actual room.
  • Don’t use address labels for wedding invitations. Always address wedding invitation envelopes either by hand, use your best girlfriends amazing handwriting skills or do the new trend by creating a wrap with them individually personalized. LUXXE can also easily do this for you! We create wraps to match your invitations!
  • Don’t buy postage until you weigh one of your invitations.  If your invitations are anything more than the invitation and an envelope or if they are square or an unusual size, take one to the post office complete with all the inserts and have them weighed to ensure you use the correct postage. And to save some cost, use a postcard RSVP, they are amazing these days! Not only does it save you on postage for both RSVP and outside envelope; it saves on envelope cost, printing of the envelope. What a deal!

How LUXXE at Brides & Beyond Custom Invitations and Paperie Works

LUXXE photo5Blog Congratulations! You’re getting married! How very exciting. Now onto the planning fun! LUXXE can make your life easier in the invitation/paperie department. Check out below how easy the process can be.

CONSULTATION :: We’ll start by discussing the details over email, phone, or in person if you are in the area and it works with your schedule. LUXXE asks to share ideas you are thinking, colors, accents, details, the works with us. This will give us a better idea of your style you going for and your personality. You can show anything and everything that inspires you: printed materials, color swatches, Pinterest items, links, magazine pages, etc. (Email your samples & ideas to luxxe@bridesbeyond.com) And ask lots of questions! We want you to get exactly what you dreamed of. Together, we will work on the best invitation that fits your special day.

SAMPLES & DESIGN :: After a consultation, LUXXE will gather all your information and put 2-3 digital samples together, along with a detailed price quote. A $100 deposit will be placed down before receiving your samples. This deposit will go fully towards your order then.

As soon as your payment is processed, the design process begins! From here, we mix & match and fine-tune the design– fonts, colors, graphics, embellishments, paper and printing type.

FINAL TOUCHES :: After all the digital design proofs have been approved, you will receive a paper mock up for one final look. This way, you can then see your actual design on the paper you have chosen. Once you sign the approval form, the designs will go to print!  Please allow 3-4 weeks for delivery. If assembly is required, it may take a few extra days, depending on the complexity. LUXXE is here to make this process easy on you and can help however you’d like.

PAPERIE ITEMS AFTER INVITATIONS :: Extra elements are important! And it’s easy for LUXXE to help you with these. Less stress for you! Anything involved in paper, we can match your look and feel. See a few ideas that you may want along the way and a timeline to help you:

Before your invitations:
Save-the-Date Cards
Engagement Party invitation
Shower invitation
Shower Thank-You Cards
Bachelor/Bacherlorette Party invitation

During the invitation process:
Wedding Invitation Components:
Optional Belly Band
Reception Card, if needed
Directions/Map (remember, most people use their phones these days!)
Response Card (postcard style saves money!)
SASE (self-addressed stamped envelope)
Rehearsal cards
Wedding “Helper” cards

After finalizing your invitations:
Thank-You Cards
Wedding Programs
Pew Cards
Place Cards
Table Cards
Seating Chart
Reception signage
Labels for favors

Because we can work remote and it works for most of our brides, if you are unable to pick up we have no problem sending them to you after final payment has been received. We look forward to working with you!


LUXXE is collaborating with Brides & Beyond in small town St. Henry, Ohio! We are exclusively now! Designing custom paperie at Brides & Beyond. And we are excited! Beyond thrilled actually! People dream of taking their goals, ambitions and opportunities … Continue reading